Setting Up My First Gunsmith Workbench

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Shooting and firearms are a long-time hobby of mine, and I was getting tired of relying on friends and gun shops to help me do simple adjustments and modifications. I also have dreams of some of the firearms I want build and put together. So I set off on an online adventure of learning and discovering what I would need to set up my own gun smithing workbench.

My frist consideration was were to put it. Living in the Phoenix, AZ area, I wanted it inside that house so I wouldn’t have to endure the summer temperatures out in my garage… and also thought it would be a little more secure. Spare bedroom? Front room? Then it hit me as I stood at the bar dividing my kitchen from my living room. It’s going in that awkward, unused corner of my kitchen! Yes, I can do that as I am single and don’t have to worry about the wife getting upset when I’m tinkering instead of helping her make dinner… 

Kitchen Gun Bench

The Bench

When it comes to your bench, there are many, many options; use the kitchen table, build a workbench (which I have done several times), buy a table at a yard sale, or just purchase a workbench from a store. Not wanting to spend the time to build my own, I made a trip to my local Lowe’s store and picked up a workbench in a box. The … workbench was easy to put together and had clear instructions and all the parts needed. All I needed was a phillips-head screwdriver and about an hour of my time. 


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